Ford Boss 302 Mustang

A few pictures of Jarod Thomas
. Picked it up through the military exchange when I was in Afghanistan in early 2012. Has forgestar 20’s and a Ford racing tune. I plan in having some professional pics done when I’m back stateside.

boss_of_Jarod Thomas
boss_of_Jarod Thomas2

This machine has 444-horsepower Hi-Po 302 V8 that redlines at 7,500 rpm.

Ford Mustang Boss 302 – The Legend Is Back on the Streets=A 40-plus-year legacy on the track. Now, a road-racing legend has returned. Available in street and racing versions, today’s Boss 302 looks every bit as lean and mean as its predecessor. It’s also backed up with a 444-hp* beast under the hood.
Find information about latest model of this American Muscle Machine:

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